Navigate the way to the cottage

If you drive from the town of Turnov, keep passing through Mírová under Kozákov direction Semily - Lomnice nad Popelkou, to the local part of the village called Loktuše. Here at the big crossroads between two guest houses, called "Na Špici" turn left, towards Železný Brod. Road number 282 will take you through Vesec to Smrčí, where you slow down and stay alert. In Smrčí you pass the first possible turn to the right behind the bus waiting room and you will go up to the second, which will appear on the right side about 150 meters. The detour on the narrow road is between two houses, the ivy-covered ivy on the left and the little house on the right.

The path will begin to rise slowly uphill and at its top will be a crossroads, on which DO NOT DONE right !!! (NO to Goat Farm!), But go straight. The asphalt road ends with a large larch. From the larch leads several paths, go after the one that is right under the bench. You can see chatting from these places without any problems.

The road from Železný Brod (Jablonec nad Nisou) is in the direction of Koberovy. From Koberov you will get to Mírová pod Kozákovem - Smrčí (ATTENTION It must be Smrčí in Mírová, after Železný Brod there is another one - you simply can not go from Zelený Brod to the direction of Semily, but turn to Koberovy 🙂 From Smrčí is the same path behind THE SIGN it's the first turn left, about 100 m.

And for even more confident GPS coordinates are included in your navigation::

GPS 50°36'57.471"N, 15°14'23.118"E

Location map::

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